(di Mirko De Frassine) – Quando si parla di talenti! Che ne pensate di costruire da soli in pochi minuti un drone volante? Si può! Dammilvia ha intervistato un giovane davvero interessante del panorama europeo. Jasper Van Loenen è un creativo e sviluppa un lavoro davvero particolare, intrecciandosi tra arte e tecnologia e scoprendo sempre nuovi mondi come potete osservare sul suo SITO!

Il lavoro che ha attirato l’attenzione di tanti su internet è DIY (Drone It Yourself) ovvero un kit con il quale trasformare qualunque cosa in un drone volante! Ma sono tanti altri i lavori di Jasper: dal pavimento a led stile film ‘Tron’ alle immagine commutate in suono e ‘poi ritrasformate fino ad arrivare a congegni per interagire con il Pc. Insomma il mondo digitale e quello artistico che si fondono in un connubio davvero originale!

Quello che ci ha colpito di questo personaggio è la sua capacità di mettersi in discussione e di sperimentare sempre nuove strade ma soprattutto la sua indifferenza del suo talento ad un’affermazione economica. Jasper ci ha descritto il suo modo di lavorare come stile di vita essenziale e irrinunciabile!

Ecco l’intervista completa (in inglese)!

– Jasper, when did you start your activities? Why are you so interested in this field?

I’ve been programming since I was 12 and I always liked how it enabled me to make all kinds of different things. I expanded my interests to electronics so I was also able to build physical objects. Later I also got more interested in the way we interact with objects around us. Why do we do things a certain way, and can’t we think of better or more interesting ways. Lately I’ve been very interested in technology and privacy. We use so much tech, but most of us don’t have a clue how it actually works and what happens in the background. Here I find it interesting to look for alternatives to non-transparent systems – such as Google services, or the operating system on your computer – either by creating my own or by using open alternatives.

This is also where my Drone It Yourself kit v1.0 came from: we have access to all this great technology and my kit combines different systems – cheap Chinese electronics and 3D printed objects – to allow people to make anything into a drone. Even into the absurd, as the kit lets you  fly ‘anything’.

– We have seen on your own site all the projects you realized with many artists. Your work is a sort of mix between art, electronic and so on. Have you ever thought to launch some campaign on crowdfunding sites, I mean kickstarter or Indiegogo?

A lot of people asked me to start a Kickstarter for the Drone It Yourself Kit v1.0 but this means I would have to change my focus from the contents and the idea behind the project to a more practical side. I would have to make more kits, make sure everything works, reply to questions from buyers, etc. This isn’t really something I’d like to do. Also, the kit was never meant as a stand alone product. As the name suggests, it’s something people can build themselves, which I think is much more interesting from an artistic point of view.

-What is your purpose or your goal both for your life and for your work?

I don’t think I have a greater goal. I just like to play around with things to see how and why they work.

-What do you think about the modern giant of economy and industry? Is it simple or difficult for a talent like you hit the big time?

It depends on what you want to achieve. I’m not interested in getting rich or anything like that. Opening up my work to others is a lot more interesting and rewarding than trying to protect it with things like patents to try and make a lot of money out of it. As an artist, I think it is easy to get some recognition because your work is so easily distributed using the internet, but it is hard to stick, to get people interested in more than just one project.

-You wrote on your site ‘I’m interested in taking stuff away from the computer screen and finding ways to look at and interact with information in different and more interesting ways’! What can you say about the actual information system?

Sorry, I’m not sure I understand what you mean by ‘actual information system’.


– You are the creator of DIY (Drone It Yourself) kit: how to turn any object into a drone with no technical know-how needed! Many people have got excited about it because of the ease of doing it! What would you say to open a school and teach young guys?

First of all: I hope you mean young people, not just boys. These kind of things are for everyone, both boys and girls.

But no, I wouldn’t start something like this myself. I do like to teach and explain things to (young) people, so if I was invited to do so I’d like that, but I’m not going to organize this myself. Mostly because I don’t like to repeat things too often, I’m working on new things.

– What do you bet it is the best way to heal the world from incompetence? Which country would you like to live in?

I think the biggest problem is actually ignorance. People using technology without thinking, without knowing what it actually is. They don’t think about things like privacy, or the impact on the environment – getting a new phone every year for instance is just dumb and wasteful.

I’m not sure what other country I’d like to live in to be honest. It’s cliché but I guess I do like this film image of the US, with all its diversity.

– Give us an adjective or a phrase that inspire you day by day!

Break stuff.

Thank you for your time! It was a pleasure!